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After being involved in a serious car accident, I really believed that my insurance company would take care of everything. It wasn't until I finally received their settlement offer that I realized they were not on my side at all. This is when I got wise and consulted a personal injury lawyer. It was the best decision I could have made. Thanks to my attorney, not only did I learn a lot about personal injury law, but I actually got the compensation that I needed and deserved. I made a lot of mistakes after my accident, but I also learned a lot along the way. It is my hope that this blog will allow other accident victims to learn from common mistakes and get the information they need to be successful in their own personal injury claims.

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You Can Learn From My Mistakes

Your Intentions May Not Matter In A Case Of Reckless Driving

by Riley Sanchez

You've probably seen daredevils on the road, street racers without regard for the safety of themselves or others, and people who like to weave in and out of traffic on the highway like they simply can't wait any longer to get where they're going. It's obvious that these kinds of individuals intend to drive recklessly, throwing caution to the wind on purpose as they speed all over the roads. The majority of people aren't that crazy when driving, but it may surprise you to discover that the prosecution in a reckless driving case may not even care about the intentions of the involved driver at all. If you're involved in a reckless driving case, the court and prosecution will be far more interested in hearing about the specifics of your potential disregard for the law:


It's important to understand that not every single accident or event that occurs with a motor vehicle will be considered reckless driving to the courts. Any of the following may constitute reckless driving when combined with each other, but will likely not land you anything beyond a traffic ticket in and of themselves:

  • Forgetting to turn on your headlights while driving
  • Not using proper turn signals when making turns
  • Speeding
  • Texting while driving or other acts that cause you to not pay appropriate attention to the road
  • Violating basic traffic laws such as running a red light or stop sign

Seriousness of a Reckless Driving Charge

While a traffic ticket is an annoying thing to deal with (and may have effects on your driving record), it's nothing compared to a reckless driving charge. Depending on the specifics of your situation, your punishment can include a wide range of possibilities. If charged, the results could include severe fines, a suspension of your license, and even jail time. The specific punishment to fit the crime is determined by the details of your case, so ask yourself a few of the following questions to get a better understanding of how serious the issue may be:

  • Do you have any prior charges on your driving record?
  • Was the incident primarily your fault, or were there others involved?
  • Did the event happen as a result of your negligence (disregarding clearly posted laws or rules)?
  • Were you the only party involved, or were others (or their property) hurt from the accident?
  • If another person was personally injured, are there long lasting repercussions, or was it simply scrapes and bruises that will heal quickly?

As soon as possible, you should discuss your case with a knowledgeable attorney like McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C. who can help you to navigate your specific situation. Since every case differs in one way or another, talking to an expert about the details can help to solidify your defense--regardless of what your intentions were on the road.