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You Can Learn From My Mistakes

After being involved in a serious car accident, I really believed that my insurance company would take care of everything. It wasn't until I finally received their settlement offer that I realized they were not on my side at all. This is when I got wise and consulted a personal injury lawyer. It was the best decision I could have made. Thanks to my attorney, not only did I learn a lot about personal injury law, but I actually got the compensation that I needed and deserved. I made a lot of mistakes after my accident, but I also learned a lot along the way. It is my hope that this blog will allow other accident victims to learn from common mistakes and get the information they need to be successful in their own personal injury claims.

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You Can Learn From My Mistakes

5 Ways To Help Ensure You Receive Workers' Compensation

by Riley Sanchez

Being injured at work can be a devastating event. The seriousness of your injury will dictate if you are able to return to work or not and also, the extent of your medical bills. In most cases, employees that have been hurt while on the job will try to receive payment from workers' compensation. Knowing some of the best ways to help you have success when requesting payment from your employer for your accident may prove helpful if you're faced this situation.

Know the Laws in your State

When it comes to securing workers' compensation, the laws in each state will vary. Some states may have a deadline for the amount of time you can file or a limit on how much money you can receive. Be sure to check the individual rules where you live to know the full details.

Let your Employer know Immediately

Don't delay in informing your boss if you have an accident at work. You should tell your supervisor right away that you have been hurt. If you want a few days or in some cases even a few hours, this could decrease the possibility of you being able to receive money for your financial losses.

Ask your Employer about Medical Care

Before you visit a certain doctor, be sure this provider is approved by your employer. Some businesses have specific arrangements with doctors that are part of a network to help reduce the cost to the company.

You may be unable to receive full payment for your medical treatment if you don't go to a doctor that is recommended by your employer.

Get Copies of your Medical Records

In order to prove your injuries happened at work and not after your shift, you should get copies of your medical records. These should have a statement from your doctor saying that your injuries were a result of your accident at work.

Avoid giving Information that isn't Accurate

There will be a full accident report done by your employer. This will include all of the details that you provide about your injury and what you say will be on record. If you provide untrue statements, this could cause you to be denied payment.

Finally, the key to having success when filing for this type of compensation will depend on your actions following the injury. Be sure to consult with an attorney from a firm like Neifert Byrne & Ozga who is an expert in this area if you feel you have been unjustly denied payment.