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After being involved in a serious car accident, I really believed that my insurance company would take care of everything. It wasn't until I finally received their settlement offer that I realized they were not on my side at all. This is when I got wise and consulted a personal injury lawyer. It was the best decision I could have made. Thanks to my attorney, not only did I learn a lot about personal injury law, but I actually got the compensation that I needed and deserved. I made a lot of mistakes after my accident, but I also learned a lot along the way. It is my hope that this blog will allow other accident victims to learn from common mistakes and get the information they need to be successful in their own personal injury claims.

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You Can Learn From My Mistakes

Are Federal Employees Eligible for Workers' Comp?

by Riley Sanchez

As a federal employee, you cannot receive workers' compensation benefits under the same system as non-federal workers. However, there is a program in place to help pay for your work-related injuries. If you were injured on the job, here is what you need to know about receiving compensation for your injuries.

What Benefits Are Available to Federal Employees?

Under the Federal Employees Compensation Act, or FECA, you can receive benefits that are similar to those offered through workers' compensation. For instance, you can receive medical benefits and financial compensation.

If your recovery extends beyond a 45-day period, you can possibly receive temporary total disability. It is also an option if you are not entitled to receive continued payments through the initial compensation system.

Who Is Eligible for Benefits?

FECA has certain restrictions that excludes some workers from receiving benefits through this particular program. Railroad workers, coal miners diagnosed with black lung, harbor workers, and longshoremen are ineligible to receive benefits through FECA. However, each category of worker has other programs that are available through the federal government to provide benefits.

FECA is only open to federal workers. If you were hired to work on a federal project by a third party company, you cannot receive assistance through FECA. Check with your state's workers' compensation laws or click here for info about your options to determine whether or not your employer is responsible for providing you with benefits.

How Do You Apply?

One of the most important steps you need to take is to notify your supervisor immediately of your injury. You will need to complete Form CA-1 that states you were injured on the job. If your injury is the result of an occupational disease, Form CA-2 needs to be completed.

When completing your form, it is important that you provide the facts of your case without embellishment. Medical evidence needs to be submitted with your form. The government leaves the responsibility of proving that your injury is work-related up to you

Ideally, you reported the incident that caused your injury immediately. If not, you need to build your case. This can include obtaining witness statements, ensuring all medical records are available, and requesting video or photo proof from your employer, if available.

Consult with an experienced attorney to obtain help with filing your claim for benefits. The attorney can help you gather evidence and work with the government to ensure that you get the benefits you need while recovering from your injuries.