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You Can Learn From My Mistakes

Facing A DUI Charge In Arkansas? Here Are Some Laws To Be Familiar With

by Riley Sanchez

DUI convictions can be incredibly damaging for a number of reasons. They can lead to jail time, heavy fines, and even a temporary loss of your license. In order to maximize your chances of beating such an accusation, it's important to understand how the law works. To help you out with that, here are some of the crucial DUI laws that you should know when it comes to Arkansas:

What is the lookback period in Arkansas?

The lookback period refers to the number of years that the court can look back when it comes to determining the minimum and maximum penalties for your crime. In Arkansas, this period is 5 years, which means that the court cannot use DUI's more than 5 years in the past to directly apply your punishment.

That being said, DUI's more than 5 years in the past can be used to indirectly affect your jail time and fine. If you received many DUI's in the past, then the court might be less than sympathetic to your cause, giving you the maximum possible penalty. While these DUI's cannot be used to determine the maximums and minimums, they can be used to move your punishment closer to the maximum end of the spectrum.

What is the maximum legal BAC limit in Arkansas?

As you might expect, the maximum legal BAC is .08% for an adult. Any BAC over that limit is grounds for a DUI, and the limit can be even lower for certain individuals, such as commercial truck drivers.

However, Arkansas also has a separate rule for individuals that are under 21 years old. While many states don't allow any alcohol to be found at all, Arkansas allows up to .02% BAC. This means that young drivers aren't necessarily going to be given a DUI if they were drinking.

How long will your driver's license be suspended for a DUI in Arkansas?

When it comes to DUI's, states are generally very adamant about wanting to reform drivers. This often means suspending driver's licenses for a period of time after convictions. For your first DUI, you will lose the right to drive for 6 months. This can increase up to 3 years for your third offense.

These lengthy periods can give you plenty of time to reflect and make changes in your life. You might also be required to attend a special educational course, which can also help prevent you from making similar mistakes in the future. Contact a local attorney, like Zavodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia LLC, to find out the laws in your area.