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You Can Learn From My Mistakes

Protect Your Loved Ones: 4 Signs They May Be The Victim Of Nursing Home Abuse

by Riley Sanchez

You didn't want to place your loved one in a nursing home but you had no choice. Now that they're in one, you want to make sure they're well-cared for. Unfortunately, abuse can occur in nursing homes. In order to protect your loved one from abuse, here are four signs that your loved one may be the victim of nursing home abuse.

Increase in Bedsores

While bedsores can be a normal occurrence for bedridden patients, an increase in the number or severity of the sores may be a sign that your loved one is being neglected or abused. Bed sores are often a sign that a patient is spending too much time in one position, which means that the nursing staff is not ensuring that your loved one is being moved often enough. In addition, bedsores can become infected if they're not cleaned properly or if your loved one is made to lie in soiled sheets. To protect your loved one, be sure to check their body for sores each time you visit.

Recoiling from Physical Touch

If your loved one is suddenly recoiling each time you try to touch them, they may be experiencing physical abuse at the hands of one or more of the nursing staff. This is particularly true if the recoiling is a new occurrence. Continue trying to reach out to your loved one with physical contact. If they continue to resist, you may need to seek help for them.

Unsanitary Living Conditions

The elderly may experience bouts of incontinence or loss of bowel control. However, they should not be forced to continue lying in soiled sheets. If you've arrived for a visit to find your loved one lying in soiled sheets more than once, this may be a continual occurrence. Talk to the nursing staff about the problem. If it continues, your loved one is being severely neglected.

Fear of Staff

If your loved one is suddenly fearful of the staff or is continually begging you to move them from the facility, they may be the victim of nursing home abuse. This is particularly true if they act increasingly fearful around specific staff members. If your loved one is fearful, seek help immediately.

You want your loved one to be safe in their nursing home. Unfortunately, elder abuse can occur. If you suspect that your loved one is the victim of elder or nursing home abuse, sit down with a local attorney like those found at The Jaklitsch Law Group as soon as possible. Help is available.