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You Can Learn From My Mistakes

After being involved in a serious car accident, I really believed that my insurance company would take care of everything. It wasn't until I finally received their settlement offer that I realized they were not on my side at all. This is when I got wise and consulted a personal injury lawyer. It was the best decision I could have made. Thanks to my attorney, not only did I learn a lot about personal injury law, but I actually got the compensation that I needed and deserved. I made a lot of mistakes after my accident, but I also learned a lot along the way. It is my hope that this blog will allow other accident victims to learn from common mistakes and get the information they need to be successful in their own personal injury claims.

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You Can Learn From My Mistakes

    5 Advantages Of Being Represented By A Personal Injury Lawyer

    If you have sustained a serious injury in an accident, such as a slip-and-fall incident, a playground accident or an automotive collision, you may be considering hiring an accident attorney. Still, you should understand the benefits of being represented by a personal injury attorney before making a decision. Here are five advantages of having a personal injury lawyer handle your accident case: No Upfront Payment For most personal injury attorneys, no payment to the attorney is required if you are not awarded compensation.

    Were You Misdiagnosed With Testicular Cancer And Had Surgery? What To Know

    Did your doctor diagnose you with testicular cancer so you had an orchiectomy to remove both testicles, to find out that you didn't actually have cancer? As a result you need to contact and injury lawyer to get to the bottom of the problem right away. If the medical facility or medical professionals are trying to contact you or get you to sign paperwork, don't meet or talk with anyone until you have hired an attorney.

    3 Critical Factors For Obtaining A Personal Injury Settlement

    If you've been hurt due the negligence of another person, you may want to take legal action. This is when you, the plaintiff will sue the defendant. However, civil litigation is a lengthy and costly process, and many cases are settled outside of the courtroom. It's not uncommon for the accused to work towards ending the dispute as quickly as possible to avoid additional fees. There are many factors that may determine the precise amount of your personal injury settlement and knowing what these are as the plaintiff may be helpful.

    What To Do If You Miss Your Probation Appointment

    If you are on probation, you are probably expected to meet with your probation officer on a regular basis, such as every month. Missing one of these appointments can be considered a probation violation and can result in you being brought to court by your probation officer. You should take this situation very seriously, but you shouldn't panic just yet. Instead, follow these tips. Talk to an Attorney Depending on what you are on probation for, whether or not you have been in other trouble since you have been on probation, and a few other factors, there is a chance that your probation could be revoked due to your missed appointment.

    3 Signs That It Is Time To Retain A Car Accident Lawyer

    If you have recently been involved in a car accident that was no fault of your own, you might start to wonder whether you need to retain a car accident lawyer. To help you determine whether you should, you will want to make sure that you are checking out the following points. You Find Out That There Is No Insurance The auto insurance policy that is kept by the driver at fault in the accident is usually able to settle things financially.

    3 Reasons To Extend The Statute Of Limitations In Personal Injury Cases

    The statute of limitations places restrictions on how long you have to file a personal injury lawsuit against another party. In most instances, once the statute of limitations has passed, you cannot file a lawsuit. However, there are some circumstances that could allow you additional time to file. Here are three situations in which the statute of limitations might be extended. Minors In some states, if a minor is injured in an accident, the law allows him or her to reach the age of majority.

    Are Federal Employees Eligible for Workers' Comp?

    As a federal employee, you cannot receive workers' compensation benefits under the same system as non-federal workers. However, there is a program in place to help pay for your work-related injuries. If you were injured on the job, here is what you need to know about receiving compensation for your injuries. What Benefits Are Available to Federal Employees? Under the Federal Employees Compensation Act, or FECA, you can receive benefits that are similar to those offered through workers' compensation.

    Tips For Using A Turkey Fryer Safely

    Each year, nearly one hundred people are killed, burned and otherwise injured in accidents involving a turkey fryer. In addition, turkey fryers account for the destruction of 900 homes each season. While these appliances produce a crisp, moist holiday dinner, they need to be used carefully and according to the manufacturer's instructions to avoid disaster and damage to your house and your person. If you have your heart set on a fried turkey this season, be sure to follow these five safety tips: